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Nuruddin Zangi

Nuruddin Abu al-Qasim Mahmud Ibn Imad ad- Din Zangi born 1118, died 1174 in Damascus, Syria. He was Emir of Damascus and Aleppo and reigned from 1146-...

Musa ibn Abil Ghassan

Not much is known about the life of this hero of Islam in its last days in Spain. His name was Musa ibn Abil Ghassan. He was a knight from a royal lin...

Muhammad Ibn Qasim

Imaduddeen Muhammad bin Qasim bin Yusuf Sakifi. Born: 695 in Taif, Arabia. Died: 715. He was an Umayyad general who, at the age of 17, began the conqu...

Relationship with the Quran

Juma 20.10.2017 Parent Child Relationships Qari Saleem Gaibie

Parent Child Relationships

Juma 27.10.2017 Parent Child Relationships Mufti Siraj Desai

Dawah: A Personal Journey

Juma 20.10.2017 Dawah A Personal Journey Sheikh Ishaaq Lekganya

Islamic Eschatology

Juma 17.06.2016 Islamic Eschatology Moulana Muhammad Badsha
Disabilities in Islam

Disabilities in Islam

Islam set the trend for dealing equitably with people who have special needs. Umar ibn Abdul-Aziz rahimahullah asked rulers of the provinces to send h...

Hifz Tradition in South Africa

Among the early Muslim immigrants to South Africa there may have been Huffaaz, as some were trained Islamic teachers. It is highly probable that in...

Attacks on the Hajj

Here are some notable man-made attacks on the Hajj pilgrims. History bears testimony that whoever attacks the Hajj is an enemy of the highest degree: ...
1 2 3 4 30 / 40 POSTS