Bonding with your Child – Part 2

Bonding with your Child – Part 2

Here are some simple and effective advices that will help you develop an excellent relationship with your children:

1. Spend sometime with each one. Have lunch with one and a walk with the other or even go out with each separately. It’s important you make each one feel appreciated without comparing them with each other. If they feel compared, they will always try to compete to be the closest to you; in that case one or more of them could be isolated and feel incompetent without you knowing it!

2. Help them build self-confidence by encouraging them and appreciating their every effort and not only the results of the effort.

3. Know your children’s school/madresa schedules, their teachers and friends so you don’t ask them when they come back from school: ”What did you do today?” but: ”So what did your friend (mention the name) do today or what did your teacher say to you?” That will make them feel that you are aware of their lives’ details and you care.

4. Tell them things you learned from them and remind them how they helped you learn them.

5. Tell them how wonderful it is to be their parent and how you like watching them growing. 6 Integrate with your children while you are playing with them, like make your hands dirty with clay or water colours and so on.