Sheikh Mahmood Husri

Sheikh Mahmood Khaleel Husri was born in 1917 in the village of Shibrun Namlah in Tanta, Egypt. By 8 he had memorized the Quraan at the Madrassah in his village. At 12 he began learning the different styles of Qiraat. He studied at Al Azhar University.

He was reciter at the Ahmadi Musjid in Tanta initially. He is reported to be the first to record the Quraan on cassette. He recorded in the narration of Warsh an Nafi in 1964 and in the narrations of Qaloon and Doori in 1968. He began initiating Madrassahs for Hifz (memorization) of the Quraan.

He came to Cairo in 1944. He passed the test to recite on state radio and was approved. In 1948 he was Muazzin at Sidi Hamza Musjid then a reciter. He was appointed chief of Qaaris in Tanta in 1947, then supervisor of Qaaris in the Western Province. From 1949-1955 he was reciter at Musjid Ahmad Al- Badawi. In 1960 he was appointed reciter at Musjid Hussain radhiallahu anhu in Cairo. Later he was appointed Secretary General for Qaaris in Egypt.

In 1963 he was appointed a member of Quraan affairs in Wazaaratul Awqaaf, in 1964 head of the Research and Correction of the Quraan committee and in 1967 the Grand Aalim in the Islamic Research Centre.

He is regarded as among the three most famous Qaaris of our times. He authored books on the Quraan and was involved in the Azhari printing of the Quraan. He was known for his accuracy of Tajweed.

He undertook over 50 journeys to places like USA, UK, India and Pakistan. Many Americans and Europeans accepted Islam at his hands. He passed away in 1980 at the age of 63.

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